Why it really is a Happy New Year

January has got to be the most depressing month of the year.  You’ve celebrated Christmas with loved ones, enjoyed some extra time off work when everyday felt like Sunday and seen in the New Year.  But now you face a month or two of back to work routine with no doubt larger debts, feeling like the sun has packed its bags and buggered off to Australia: January sure is dark, dreary and dull. And on top of all that, there’s those dastardly New Year’s Resolutions – if it wasn’t hard enough!  Why do we add the extra pressure, forcing ourselves to go ‘dry’ for a month, counting every morsel of food that passes our lips to pay dividends to the lbs laid on through the festivities?

But, not this year, not if you live in or near Hull.  We have other more exciting things to think about.  If you didn’t know it, Hull is The City Of Culture for 2017.

And we saw 2017 start #inwithabang.


At 20:17 on Sunday 1st January the city’s skies were lit with over 3 tonnes of fireworks shooting up from two barges on the Humber.  Thousands of faces across Hull, from the villages on the outskirts of the city to the shores of Lincolnshire, were also lit with excitement and wonder at the fantastic display.



But, there weren’t just fireworks.  Buildings across the city were lit with stories of Hull’s history, streets were lined with tales of the city’s people, who they are and what they’ve lived through, and the night air was filled with music, laughter and delicious aromas wafting across from the various food stalls, cafes and restaurants.

I am a born and bred southerner (Brighton to be precise), but Hull has been my home city for longer than I lived down south now and I am proud to call it my home.  I am so excited for the year ahead!

So, if you’re wondering what to do with your holidays this year or fancy a few nights away to break up the dreariness of the new year, why not try Hull?  Here’s just a flavour of what’s on offer this year:

  • The Made in Hull installations and projections are free, suitable for all ages and are on display from 4 – 9pm until Saturday 7 January.  Click here for a recording by Adam Reeve of the We Are Hull story.
  • Hull Truck Theatre promises us a year of exceptional drama, with the world premiere production of Richard Bean’s The Hypocrite starting from Friday 24 February.
  • Discover the genius behind the drawings of some of art’s most prominent masters with the Lines of Thought display at Hull University.
  • The Ferens Art Gallery is due to reopen soon after refurbishment and from September will be hosting the Turner Prize 2017.

Check out here for up-coming events on the City of Culture website.

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