Light Amongst the Shadows

Following the terror of last week, some words came to me during a morning walk.

Warm sun cloaks my shoulders,

through the trees a soft breeze whispers

and birdsong cheers my heavy heart.

In between dark shadows

a brightness shines.


Miles away twenty-two roses cut,

their beauty still and silent


Balloons stand tall

swishing and swaying

over a desolate, florid sea.


A blast so strong, so deadly

A hatred so deep

A mission so bloody.

Tearing at the heart of society.


Swelling inside,

a loss too painful to mention.

Falling tears,

wordless incomprehension.


Through the dark smoke, the hand

of a stranger reaches.

Amongst the screams, a gentle voice

soothing, questioning.

People, taxis, uniforms,

organisation among chaos.


You tore open our hearts

And out flowed the light.


And, tomorrow,

As the roses wilt and wither

Balloons deflate and sorrow lingers,

the dawn chorus ever lilting, sweet,

high amongst the trees.

Still growing at their roots,

the flowers and weeds.


The memories will fade  

over the hours and days

and pain in our hearts will remain.

Yet still, the sun will warm our shoulders

and shine.

Yet, still there will be

light amongst the shadows.

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