Born, bred and educated in Brighton, Natalie moved to Hull, East Yorkshire in 1991 after leaving university to live with her then boyfriend (now husband).  So now she’s been a Northerner for longer than she’s been a Southerner, but loves revisiting old haunts on the south coast when seeing family and friends.

She studied Business Studies at university and stepped into a varied career as a market research executive, dental receptionist, assistant at a contact lens clinic and then ran a small department at Comet Head Office in Hull.  She took a career break of 10 years while raising three daughters and then went to work as a Teaching Assistant when the youngest started school.  It was at this point that she asked herself why she hadn’t considered working with children before as she finds it extremely rewarding working with the pupils and students at local schools.

After spending years reading to her own children, Natalie had the idea of writing a children’s book.  Her first novel, Michiko and the Match Girls for middle grade readers, tells the story of a time-travelling Japanese girl who becomes involved with the Match Girls’ Strike of 1888.   This was self-published in 2013 and has received great feedback.

As a child Natalie found history at school fairly boring as it seemed to her that all she learned was about kings and queens and not much else.   She always wanted to know what it was really like for ordinary people in historical times and often dreamed of travelling back in time to be a ‘fly on the wall.’  Through her writing she has almost achieved that and hopes that children and teens reading her books will enjoy them for that aspect also.

More recently Natalie went back to ‘school’ and in 2015 successfully completed a MA in creative writing at Hull University.  Her new YA novel, The Colour of Forgiveness, is currently out on submission.